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In Guernsey and Alderney Beaver Scouts is available to all boys and girls aged between six and eight years old who want to make friends and have fun.

Beavers follow a balanced programme giving young people an opportunity to personally develop in all areas, learning to be safe and most importantly making friends. The leaders ensure that all Beavers cover

and experience a whole range of exciting activities, divided into:

Programme Zones:

  • Beliefs
  • Creative
  • Global
  • Community attitudes
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor & Adventure


  • Help others
  • Explore their world
  • Follow themes
  • Meet new people
  • Make things
  • Act, sing & make music
  • Play games
  • Go outdoors
  • Listen to stories
  • Go on visits
  • Chat
  • Undertake prayer and worship

Beavers is the first step in Scouting for future development of young people. It will seem that they have only just started before it will be time to ‘swim up’ to Cubs!

Beaver Scouts meet together as a colony in “Lodges” (small groups) which is run by a team of adult volunteers and helped by parent helpers.

They wear a turquoise sweatshirt, group neckerchief (scarf) and a woggle (which keeps their scarf together).

By making the Promise, an important act in Scouting and common to every section, a young person becomes a Member of the worldwide Movement;

The Beaver promise is:

I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love God.

The Motto for all members of the movement is:

Be Prepared